Turning my house to a home

I feel like I’m finally starting to settle into my new home! I love seeing each space transform. I am finally at the point where I can add stunning prints to my walls. I truly believe that your home should reflect moments and experiences that bring you joy. I love photography and travel. Therefore, I looked for prints that remind me of that. I have always wanted my home to feel like a museum you can live in.

When I found these 3 pieces from Desenio, I fell in love. The Lush Façade, Ancient Arch and Majestic Arcade prints are the perfect addition to my home. The warm tones and the texture from the wall art flow well with the rest of my decor. I also got Desenio’s oak picture frames, which are a perfect color match to my dining table and floors. Desenio’s range of products is outstanding. I spent hours on the website in awe and I plan to spend some more time exploring to bring the other rooms in my home to life.