4 Summer Essentials ☼

1. Hand Sanitizer (Bath & Body Works) - I know I will be moving around and going places and touching stuff so its good to keep my hands clean therefore less chance of me getting sick. It will suck to be sick during summer and this hand sanitizer smells Yummmy!

2. Lip Gloss (Victoria's Secret) - During the summer my lips get really dry... actually my lips are always dry hahaa. So I like having a lip gloss around and this one tastes sweet so I love that.

3. Perfume (Ralph Lauren) - I love this scent and we all know because of the we tend to sweat a bit more leading to smelling a bit more so during the summer a nice fragrance and so a long away.

4. Face Moisturizer (Aveeno) - To keep my face from getting too dark and over heating a nice face cream with sun block is a must. This one has 15 SPF meaning a lot of protection.