I know I am a bit late... actually 7 days late but HAPPY NEW YEAR! I have been very busy with family and all the holiday celebrations. I spent my Christmas with family and for New Years went to a christian conference mainly for college students called The Impact Movement. It was phenomenal mainly because it was amazing to see people of the same age group that share the same faith as me. Also the sermons related to my generation, which is great because now I know how to connect my faith to my everyday life. Another amazing aspect that made the conference stand out to me was the music. The music was upbeat and lively which when I think of a "stereotypical Christian event" the music can be a bit dull but even though the music was exhilarating it still carried meaningful messages. I also meet a lot of amazing people and there was so much laughing and dancing to last me the rest of 2014. 

All in all I'm extremely grateful and blessed to have made it through another year and I look forward to what 2014 brings.