First day in NYC and it has been filled with so many emotions. We arrived at the hotel (Fairfield Inn & Suites, Marriott ) early in the morning after a 14 hour drive. Surprisingly the rooms were ready and that was a plus because it gave us some time clean up before we went for our tour of Wall Street Journal headquarters in the News Corporation building. The tour was very informative and allowed us to see how the business works from the inside. Later on we walked past the New York Times building and strolled down the streets of New York, which is breathtaking. Obviously NYC in January is FREEZING although the beauty of city overpowered the cold. We had lunch at a restaurant called Nizza and the food was absolutely delicious. The prices of the meals once you include tax were a bit expensive but the food was worth it. After that I did some window shopping and hung around in Times Square. 

In the evening we had dinner with some Alumni and it was encouraging to see people who started of as a clueless college student like myself become successful in the media world. On our way back we stopped stopped by Cake Boss Cafe, which is famous because it is inspired by a reality TV show that I did not know about until we walked into the Cafe. Altogether is was a fun filled day. Looking forward to tomorrow!   

My Photography 

^^A Sponge Bob Mailbox, I found this hilarious! ^^

^^Wall Street Journal Headquarters in News Corporation ^^

^^The Entrance Of Our Hotel^^