Spring Break: Los Angeles - Day 1

I have this strange feeling like I've been to LA before.... maybe in a past life? It is one of those places that feels like an old friend. Everyone always talks about the weather in Los Angeles and how it is beautifully warm, which is true although I did not expect it too get colder in the night and very windy. But enough about the weather, I love LA mainly because of the vibe you get by only walking around. Everyone is very chill and they just go with the flow. Especially compared to New York where everyone is on the go and in a rush. 

My mum and I started the day off by driving around north LA with one of my mum's high school friends that lives here. After looking around she dropped us off where the walk of fame is and I stumbled across Michael Jackson's star, which brought a warm smile to my face. We spent the whole day shopping and we took a tour to see the city from higher up and see some celebrity homes. It was a very relaxing day although I am extremely tired and need some serious rest. 

The city of angles so far is living up to "the hype" and I look forward to what tomorrow brings.

Head Scarf ~ ???, Sweater ~ New Look, Shirt ~ H&M, Shorts ~ Forever 21, Shoes ~ Converse