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Where do I even begin with Kyle? Ok... how about where I found out about his music? I follow the upcoming musician Justine Skye on Instagram and she posted a little cover of Kyle's song View From Hollywood. I instantly had to know what the song was as well as who is the artist behind it. So I did some hardcore research (google haha) and I found his YouTube video then his SoundCloud page and finally I bring you amazingness that is Kyle. 

I don't like to compare new and upcoming artists with well-known ones but it is very hard not to. So I'm going to do it anyways. By Kyle's rapping, singing and style I am not going to lie his "feel" is very similar to that of Drake but obviously not the same, he has is own persona. He even mentioned in his song Keep It Real that people compare him to Drake and in response according to his lyrics, 

        I'm over rappers who smoke weed with white girls, and get Emma Stoned
        I'm not saying they're weak
        I'm just saying they're not me
        And if like, I'm f***in' great
        I mean like, what else could they be?
        Ya know?
        They say that I sound like Drake
       I don't
                                                                                                                                                                     - Keep It Real, KYLE 

He does not want to be under the shadow of another artist and I completely understand that although people can't help but relate something new to what they already know... I guess that's just human nature. That being said, I think his music is a mixture of Drake, Kid Cudi, Childish Gambino and obviously his own individuality. I see great things happening for him in the future and I can only speak for myself when I say his music is amazing and not like that bubblegum-pop-with-random-oohs-and-aahs kind of music. 

One of my favorites from Kyle is View From Hollywood and it is one of the popular songs, so give it a listen. Oh! and the music video is breathtakingly beautiful with a lot of scenery of LA. Since I recently went to LA for spring break I can honestly say the video does justice to the beauty that is Los Angeles.    

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