Tea Time Before Bed Time

Grabbing a cup of cinnamon spice tea before I hit the sack. I thought I'll give a little update on how my summer goals I set for myself are going. And so far I have accomplished absolutely nothing haha... well maybe I'm exaggerating because I am on the right track with eating healthier and working out everyday. I have gone to the gym everyday this week and I can honestly say working out is kinda fun. Wait a minute! What did I just say?! What is happening to me?! If you asked me to go to the gym with you a month ago I would have laughed in your face while munching on some chocolate but now I am heading back to my high-school ways of actually being athletic and I'm loving it. I think working out is fun mostly because I go with my brother and we get stuff done but we are always joking around and he makes it a lot more bearable than if I were to go by myself. Anyways I'm off to bed. 

Goodnight x