September Favorites

It's that time again! When I share my favorite bits and bobs that I have been using a lot from the pervious month. The month of September was a hectic one with many mid-term exams, assignments and projects. I wish I could say I'm done with all that stress but I have a feeling it is just the beginning. Although I am looking forward to this month because I have a lot of great things planned for this blog as well as the different organizations I am a part of. 

  • I've had this lipgloss for a while now and I just recently started using it. I used to think it was way too shiny but the shimmer-glittery look is growing on me. It was my go-to lip product for the month of September 

  • I talked about my fragrance collection here and this scent was mentioned briefly. I recently got it has a gift from my lovely mother. She sent me a surprise package with a lot of great goodies. This perfume was one of the many things she got for me. I love how sweet it is without being too overwhelmingly strong. 

  • This eye shadow palette was also one of the things my mum sent me and it has been my go-to when I rarely decided to wear make-up this past month. I love the gold-bronze shades and it works beautifully with my skin tone.

  • My trusty Ray-Bans really came through during September. Even though it is officially autumn there has been quite the amount sunlight. 

  • Everyone knows my obsession with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and I recently made it my personal mission to read every publication by her. The Thing Around Your Neck is a collection of short stories with different characters, settings, messages and so forth. Each story is extremely captivating. My only regret is when a story is over it leaves you wondering, "what happens to the characters" "Do they end up happy or sad?" I need more! This novel is a short and easy read and I highly recommend it. 

  • I'm a tea maniac and I've tried all kinds of tea from the extremely odd flavors to the simplest. I even drink tea during the summer when it is scorching hot. During the month of September I went back to the classics with Lipton natural black tea.