The Simple Things

Brace yourself it's a lengthly one...

Okay... where do I begin? What about that cupcake. Don't you just want to sink your teeth into the icing? Well... that's exactly what I did and I regret nothing. You know why? To quote the vibrant and loving character that is Augustus Waters, "I decided a while ago not to deny myself the simpler pleasures of existence." My "pleasures of existence" can be as simple as mercilessly devouring a strawberry sugar cupcake to staying in bed till 2 in the afternoon the next day. That's right, you heard me! I don't feel one should be apologetic for lazying around and being a bum. 

I have made a promise to myself to enjoy the simple things in life and I wanted to share that promise with you. Mainly because I urge you to do the same. I feel the time we live in does not allow one to just be. We are always looking for what to do or the next big thing. The idea of being bored has become a burden or a gap we must fill but today I want that to stop. I am honestly happy when I do not have somewhere to be or something important to do. I feel boredom is a leisure that when presented we must embrace and focus on ourselves. Fill that time with self-love and take that time to be alone. There is a huge difference between feeling lonely and being alone. The two are regularly seen as synonymous but they are not.

"There is a huge difference between feeling 

lonely and being alone."

Taking a moment to do nothing can be everything. I constantly miss the days when my biggest priority was, "how can I ask for another Barbie?" (I had quite the Barbie obsession... from the doll to even socks. I know... weird). Now I have realized as I am getting older free time to slowly but surely slipping away. Even when I take a "break" I am constantly thinking of my to-do list. Life as recently become an endless to-do list but don't get me wrong. I enjoy the work I do, writing for my school's magazine, planning events with the various organizations I am part of, although if I want to take a couple of hours to do nothing I do not want to feel guilty doing so.

This is why I want everyone to enjoy the simple things like eating food you know is bad for you and spending hours reading or binge watching your favorite show. I know once I enter the world of taxes, interviews, bills, starting a family and raising children I know my "me time" will become nonexistent. 

So from your friendly neighborhood blogger, I urge you to enjoy the simple things in life...