Just Checking In

*Side Note "I Am Malala" has been on my reading list for the longest time and I have finally got around to it and so far it is extremely eyeopening and captivating.She is very inspiring and so are her parents and the way they raised her. 

Hello everyone! I just wanted to check in and give a little update on what my current summer plans will consist of. Today I officially start my summer internship! I am working at a Newspaper based in Abuja, helping with their social media and online presence as well as shadowing the reporters. I will be spending the rest of my summer in Nigeria. So far it has been great fun! Filled with friends, family and good food. Although today the "fun" might be molding into work but who knows maybe there will be some fun moments along the way.

This is my first time ever working in Nigeria, so the whole atmosphere will be different and I am looking forward to the challenge. I tend to be fairly good with adapting to my surrounds quickly. I am also thinking of doing a series of posts about Abuja and Lagos like places to eat, see, shop and more. What do you think... yay or nay? Since I will be spending a lot of time in these two cities. I'm new to Abuja but Lagos is home... we will see. Okay I have to run. Bye for now!