The Tall Girl Guide #1 (The Pointed Flat)

Where all my tall girls at? This post is showing some love for the 5ft8 and above women out there. Yours truly also falls into the category being 6ft. I have picked up one or two things about style for the everyday tall woman. Today, we will be focusing on the pointed flat. These were my go-to way before I knew how to walk, so a quick shoutout to my mum for making me the most stylist baby with my pointed flats teehee!

In all seriousness these flats are the holy grail for all tall ladies especially when it comes to formal events. Once in a blue moon I will wear the occasional heel but thanks to pointed flats it gives the illusion of wearing heels without having to wear them. From one tall girl to another, I know we don't want to go to parties and tower over everyone, while having conversations with the top of our friends' heads. Also if you are really into trends this is a huge trend for the summer but knowing us tall girls this may be a trend staple for life.
Pointed Flats