Dashiki Love

The Dashiki trend is something I have seen throughout this year. The Dashiki originated from the Western part of Africa. Places like Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, Benin although it has grown to represent a majority of countries in Africa. I am Nigerian and growing up the Dashiki was part of the "traditional" wear and not until recently did it become something causal. Mainly the style of Dashiki I'm wearing in this post has become the casual trend but the Dashiki has a long cultural heritage with African people. I'm glad it has become a trend and part of Western culture although I do not want it to lose it's original heritage like most things do once they enter western culture. So if you find yourself wearing a Dashiki remember the roots and history that piece of clothing carries. It is not merely a trend but a representation of a people. 


Dashiki Origins: 
Learn more about the history here & here

Celebs in Dashikis (Pop culture)
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 Chris Brown | Beyonc√© | Rihanna 

Sarah Jessica Parker | Jhen√© Aiko | Zendaya 

Shay Mitchell | Amandla Stenberg