New Year Resolutions

Stop second guessing myself
I never used to be one to question my decisions and beat myself up for making a choice. 2015 was an extremely rough year for me and my family. There were moments of joy and immense blessings although there were also a lot of low points. This year I want to stick to the choices I make, good or bad and follow through. Second guessing leads to a lot of self doubt and lack of confidence. I do not want to doubt myself. I am entering this year full of positivity, self assurance and self love. I hope you all do the same.

If I want something I go for it!
2016 is the year of doing! I am applying for summer internships and I want to apply for all the internships even the ones I may "feel unqualified for" because it never hurts to try! 

Get things done. Stop procrastinating! 
I always leave things to the last minute and this is one of my biggest flaws. If you ask anyone of my friends or family especially my mum *if you are reading this, I love you mum teehee* they will tell you, I am the #1 procrastinator and this needs to stop. 

Fitness and Health 
The extremely cliché New Years Resolution, which is to work out and eat better. Well guess what people? I am adding this cliché to my list. I completely let myself go in 2015. I did not gain a lot of noticeable weight but my fitness level is terrible. I used to play sports in high school and that is how I stayed fit. Once I got to university I found it hard to workout without the help of team sports. This year I plan to get my fitness level back to normal.  

What are your New Years Resolutions? I would love to know.