Shaky Beats Music Festival

Festival Season is in full swing and I got to experience my first ever music festival in hot-lanta! The heat is no joke but that is a rant for another day. Shaky Beats is a 3-day event but I only attended the second day because it is cheaper and I mainly wanted to see Tory Lanez. Even though they had a great line up and I did hop from show to show, all I wanted was Tory Lanez. Let me tell you, he did not disappoint. I went with my friend Kierra and we had an amazing time. It was great catching up. What better way to catch up with an old friend than being surrounded by amazing music and an electric atmosphere? Once Tory Lanez was on stage, we ran from one of the small shows we were at to the main stage and gracefully pushed our way to the front. Well... not very gracefully. Actually, we were kind of aggressive. We were in a hurry! Don't judge. You would have done the same. We didn't get all the way to the front but close enough to enjoy the show. I am tall anyways, so I could see the stage easily. I just felt bad blocking people behind me. #TallGirlProbs
Location: Centennial Olympic Park 
How do I even begin to describe the craziness that is Tory Lanez. In one word, his performance was lit. For those that do not understand this "youth slang", in this case lit not does mean the past tense of light. According to urban dictionary, lit is when something is turned up or popping. No one says "popping" anymore but now you know what I mean. The whole atmosphere was intense in the best way possible. There is only so much I can describe, you just need to see it for yourself. Below is a video giving you a glimpse of the craziness that is Tory Lanez. Oh! Did I mention he enjoys climbing things (humans included)? 
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We left the festival early because like I said we mainly came for Tory Lanez and we wanted needed some food in our system. While walking around downtown Atlanta looking for where to eat, we came across so much street art. I love art especially when buildings are the canvas. I am not promoting vandalism but there is something amazing about seeing art outside in the real world and not confined in a frame hanging in a room for only a few to see. Anyways… I am very happy I got to experience my first music festival and it was a success! Maybe I’ll see you next year Shaky Beats. It’s been real ✌🏾️