High Museum of Art | Atlanta

What is my ideal summer day, you ask? (You didn’t but i’ll tell you anyways 😁teehee) It is looking at breathtaking art, walking around taking in the city heights and of course stuffing my face with delicious food. This past weekend I did all of that and more. I mentioned in the past how I never truly appreciated Atlanta when I went to high school an hour and a half away. I think this is because of the distance. Everything in Georgia is large just like most southern American things tend to be. The roads, the cars, the food and even the people (not only in weight but in height). I love all these things about the south but one thing I do not love is the distance. Since everything is large therefore spacious it can take a lot of time to get anywhere. That’s why I say, no one really “lives” in Atlanta. Only if you are downtown but the majority of people that say they live in Atlanta live at least 45mins to an hour away. That is the main reason I never truly got to appreciate this amazing city because I was never really “in” this amazing city. I was stuck in suburbia. Now that I work downtown I have more time to explore. This weekend one of my really good friends from college, Michelle spent the weekend with me and we had a lot of fun. She flew in Friday morning and we went shopping and saw a movie. I finally got to see Captain America: Civil War, which I loved! Saturday was when we had the most fun. We spent the whole day (and eventually all night) in the city. We left the house early, hopped on the train and headed downtown to the High Museum of Art. Which was my highlight of the whole day. I could stare at art for hours (which we did, 3 hours to be precise).

Michelle taking in the beautiful architecture. Check out her blog here 
1. I was pointing at the date, which is Jun 6, 1969 and I was born June 6th, 1995. So I was quite excited 😁
2. Goofing around with the Snapchat filters, “Art with art”
Then we had lunch at TAP, relaxed and talked for a while. Then we went to the World of Coca Cola, which is a very touristy thing to do. I have already been twice before but I was glad to go again and see Michelle experience it for the first time. 
Once we were done with the World of Coca Cola, we took a walk around Centennial Olympic Park. The same park the music festival I went to last month was held. I got a yummy cup of vanilla bean gelato, which was ten times more delicious due to the intense heat. I was sweating buckets, thanks Atlanta 😑. Then we went home to get ready for a night out.