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“If Life Gives You Limes, Make Margaritas.”
I love that quote so much! I started this summer with so much excitement and you can read about it here but once I got to Atlanta my summer took a turn for the worse. After I left the airport and got home I couldn’t find my passport case (which has both my U.S. and Nigerian passports and other important documents). At first, I thought nothing of it. Thinking it was probably in one of the many bags I flew with. After a couple days passed and I could’t find it I started to worry. Then I called the airport and Delta Airlines' Lost & Found. I also reported it online to the U.S. national passport services. Three and a half weeks pass then two days ago, I got a call and the lady said, “When are you coming to get your passport?” She didn’t say hello or who she was and she seemed pissed. At this point, I have not said a word but I was too overwhelmed with excitement to care about how rude she was through out the rest of the phone call. To cut the story short, she worked for Delta Airlines' Lost & Found and I have my passport case back. I can definitely say, I made the most delicious margarita with the limes life through at me. Speaking of margaritas, I turn 21 tomorrow (June 6th)! I can finally legally have a drink tomorrow. I am so grateful and blessed for getting this far in life and looking forward to what the future holds. 

How's your summer going? I'll love to know!

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