Can't Go Wrong With Denim

Shirt - Thrifted  | Jeans - ASOS Tall | Shoes - Target | Bag - Micheal Kors | Watch - Wristology 

Denim, what would we do without you? One of the most timeless materials and still going strong. This outfit is just one of those that came to life on it’s own. No planning whatsoever went into this. I grabbed whatever looked clean and unwrinkled [note to self: stop being lazy and do your laundry]. I wore this last weekend. I spent that day with my mum, brother and uncle. My mum flew in from Nigeria but she could only get a week of work. We mostly spent our time running errands and shopping for other people. It was great to see my mum especially since the last time I saw her was New Years. We talk everyday but there is nothing like seeing in person. I miss her now because she flew back to Nigeria last night. Now, I have to wait till Christmas to see her again 😩. #InternationalFamilyProblems