Washington, DC | Travel Diary

Last week, I was chilling with the Obamas in the White House. I wish! Well… I was near the the White House. Does that count? I was in DC for a journalism convention. The National Association of Black Journalists & National Association of Hispanic Journalists convention. It was the first time both associations hosted a convention together and it was amazing to see so many people of color in the media field come together. Amazing! I am not going to bore you with details about the seminars and workshops but I am extremely glad I got to go and learn about a field I hope to make a career out off. Hilary Clinton spoke at this event but I missed it... Just my luck.😑 We stayed at the Marriott Wardman Park. Which is a gorgeous hotel but I have to let you guys know, my friends and I found a mouse in our room. It was horrifying. When we ran out of our room to report this to the hotel staff, we walked by some people who also looked horrified and we found out they also had a mouse in their room. A couple of the rooms on the first floor had a mouse problem. I am not one to be negative but if you are in DC, I would not recommend the Marriott Wardman Park. The sad thing is everything else in the hotel was amazing from the staff, service, rooms, bar, etc. What can I say? One thing can ruin everything else. 

Anyways… enough mouse talk. DC was amazing. My friend Arriel and I only had one day to do “touristy” things. We hit up the main sites. The White House, Washington Monument, and Abraham Lincoln Memorial, which are all walking distance from one another. This was great because we did not have cars. I also got to meet up with one of my close friends from college that graduated a while back and is working in DC being an adult and killing it. I’m so proud of her. All in all, DC was great from the architecture to their crazy one-way roads. I am definitely going back in the future. 

My friend & blogger buddy, Arriel. Check out her blog: fashionforchocolate.com