3 Apps Every Woman Needs

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Hello there! From the title you can tell this post is all about apps. I am sharing three mobile applications, I feel every woman needs. In all honesty, only the first app applies to women and the rest, anyone can use. These are apps that I use frequently and are extremely helpful. It would be selfish not to share. So, here we go!

In high school, I tried many period apps and none seemed to work for me. Either they estimated my period dates wrong or I could not understand the layout. So, I gave up using apps to monitor my period. Until I came across Clue. I love the layout and it is super easy to use. It tells you everything from when your next period is, fertile window, PMS, etc. You can also keep a daily entry of your mood, pain, blood flow, sleep and much more. I think the best feature is that Clue gives you a heads up when you are about to start your period. I am one of those people that always forgets until Mother Nature just shows up. 

I am trying to get back into working out and I do not like going to the gym. Don't get me wrong. I like the gym but I hate getting dressed and the time it takes to get there. So, from time to time I work out in my apartment and thanks to this app I know exactly what to do. It's great and super convenient for a lazy bum like myself! 


By now, I think everyone should know about FaceTune. I still put it on this list for the tiny percent of those that might not know. FaceTune is known for clearing pimples, smoothing out skin and whiten teeth. Even though, I use this app for all those things I mainly use it to whiten my Instagram flatlays. The picture below is an example. Have you ever wondered how people make their picture backgrounds white? The answer is FaceTune. 

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