Denim On Denim

This is one outfit I thought I would never be able to pull off. You guys know I am in love with denim. Although one thing I have never done is wear a full blue denim outfit. The closest I have come to an outfit like this is a blue denim shirt or jacket with black jeans. I’m not sure but something about wearing all denim in the same wash and shade reminds me of the 90s. The trick to pulling this look off is making sure there is a “buffer” between your two denim pieces. In this case, it is my olive green top and black belt. This helps even out all that denim, so you don't walk around looking too crazy. It is also a good idea to add a printed item to the look. I finally got to style my ankara bag, I have had for ages. Even though this outfit is quite simple the detail on my jeans of the fringe/fray hem gives the whole look that extra touch. I actually cut and frayed the hem myself. It was very easy to do. Since, fringe jeans are a huge trend this season I recommend doing it yourself. Get an old pair of jeans and some scissors instead of spending a lot of money on a trend that may go out of style. What do you guys think of denim on denim looks? Would you try it?

Jacket - Old Navy (Similar here) | Top - Forever 21 (Similar here) | Jeans - H&M/DIY/ (Similar here) |
Boots - Primark (Similar here & here) | Belt - Nine West (Similar here) | Bag - Nigeria

denim on denim,
an all-time classic.