3 Ways To Spend Your Saturday Night Alone

1. Netflix YouTube & Chill
Ahhh good ol’ YouTube. I can spend hours watching the occasional clothing haul or end up on the weird side of YouTube watching hot knife videos (if you know, you know). Usually, my go-to would be Netflix but I have run out of shows to watch. Any suggestions?
2. Cook!
Cooking is still new to me. I would honestly prefer ordering takeout and calling it a day but recently I’m enjoying cooking. Wow. I can’t believe I just typed that. 2 years ago, if you asked me to cook I would laugh in your face and go microwave some ramen. Harsh, I know. But cooking always seemed like work to me but now I love it! I love reading food blogs and trying to recreate their recipes. I put on some relaxing tunes on SoundCloud and cook away.
3. Face Mask & Online Shopping 
Right now, it is more like face mask and online window shopping. That doesn’t stop me from spending hours adding things to my cart. A while ago, I got myself some face masks. Even though, I cannot see any visible differences with my skin, it feels amazing!
How do you spend your Saturday nights in? Remember, it is good to take sometime for yourself. There is nothing wrong with some me-time.