A Day In The Office

Let me start by saying, I do not have an office or work space. As bloggers our office is anywhere with wifi connection. One of the reasons I love doing what I do. I can work from almost anywhere. Although not having somewhere stable to work from can cause distractions. Maybe one day I’ll get an actual office but for right now I’m cool with what I got. Since, I am a college student, my “work life” consists of studying, blogging and my internship. 

A typical summer day in the “office” starts of with me waking up and scrolling through Instagram and responding to DMs. Then I drag myself to the kitchen to make some coffee. Since, it’s summer I make iced coffee (more creamer than coffee to be honest teehee I have a sweet tooth). While I sip my coffee I reply my emails. Emails mostly consist of future collaborations and partnerships with brands. I do not say yes to every brand proposal. The brands I do work with I love hearing their ideas and creative directions. I also send out emails to brands and bloggers I would like to work with. After checking my emails, I take a shower and get dressed. 

What I wear depends on the type of content I am going to produce that day. If I am filming a youtube video I only look nice from the waist up. No one can see my legs when I’m filming (deceiving I know). If I am shooting an outfit post, I try a little harder from my head to toes. Some days, I wear sweatpants and a baggy shirt because I am only writing, editing or behind the camera. So no one will know how awful I really look (perks of working from home). That’s my typical summer work day. Things definitely change when I get back to school and I’m starting a new internship with my school’s communication department. I can’t wait! What about you guys? What’s your typical work or school day?

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