Formal Attire - An Alternative From Dresses

Growing up, I was the biggest tomboy. I hated wearing dresses and skirts. I think I only hated wearing dresses because I didn’t think they were practical. I liked running around and being active. When it comes to formal events, I love seeing women in new and innovative outfits that are not dresses. Don’t get me wrong, as I’ve gotten older I started liking dresses (I still don’t think they are practical. One wrong move and your underwear is on display for the world) although I love pieces that show elegance and I don’t have to worry about crossing my legs. That is why I think ruffled flared trousers are the next party go-to. The pair I’m wearing are one of the most comfortable things in my wardrobe. I love how the ruffles move with each step. I threw on this pleated off-the-shoulder top to add another elegance factor of the look. What do you think? Are ruffled flared trousers the next big thing?

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Top - Charlotte Russe | Trousers - Amazon | Heels - Target