Shearling Jackets & Inconsistent Weather

Hello Friday, my old friend. This week as been absolutely crazy and busy for me. I am slowly recovering from a terrible cold and I blame the inconsistent weather. Cold one day, hot the next, raining one day, heatstroke the next. Make up your mind, Mother Nature! I finally got around to throwing away my humongous pile of snot consumed tissues (Too personal? Too gross?  Hang in there it gets worst). I haven’t been this sick in a while. I have been scared to sneeze because one time I sneezed and my whole shirt was covered in snot (I told you it was going to get worse). I am not sure how to transition from snot to fashion but here we go! So, today’s look features one of my newest additions to my closest. This faux shearling leather jacket from H&M.

I have always liked how other people style their shearling jackets but I thought it would look weird on me. When I walked into H&M and I saw this baby on the sale rack, I was in disbelief. I checked the price tag and it was marked down from $70 to $30. What?! $30?! I was as we millennials say, “Shook-eth”. I thought it was a scam or prank. I was waiting for Ashton Kucther to jump out (Peep that early 2000s reference. Wow, I feel old). When I went to the check out kiosk I was waiting for the sales clerk to say, “Sorry, that was marked down by mistake” but she didn’t. I love that feeling you get when you buy something super cheap compared to the original prize. What can I say? I like a good deal!

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Jacket – H&M | Jeans – Old Navy | Scarf – SheIn | Beanie – Target