My Top 3 Ways To Recover From Jet Lag

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Hey people! If you have been following along on my Instagram you would know I just got back from Nigeria. I am slowly recovering from jet lag. There is a 6 hour difference from Atlanta to Lagos. So, I have been falling asleep way too early for my liking. Here are my top tips to kick your jet lag in the butt:

  1. Drink a ton of coffee! This is quite obvious but it is easy and efficient. This is for those who are finding themselves going to bed too early. You can’t go wrong with a big cup of coffee. 
  2. Be around people that are lively and energetic. By talking to them and staying busy being socializing you’re less likely to find a quiet moment to fall asleep too early.
  3. Pull an all nighter. This is mainly for those who are flying to country where they find themselves going to bed super late. Try and stay up for 24 hours then you’ll be very tired and fall asleep at the same time as locals