Stop Overthinking

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I am hands down someone that overthinks everything. "Was my response to harsh?" "Is this outfit too much?" "Am I too loud?" Sometimes my thoughts don’t let me enjoy being in the moment. When it comes to blogging, I used to analysis every single detail of a post. I thought my work was not good enough or cool enough or blah blah blah. Then I went back to the main reason, I started blogging and creating. I started blogging for myself and because I find it fun. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading comments and seeing that other people appreciate my efforts. But I create content for me. I post things I enjoy seeing and overthinking started to take from the fun of all that. I am very happy when my work gets noticed. Like a recently found out that www.kokolife.ng wrote a very lovely feature story about me (you can read it here) and moments like that bring me joy. Although, thinking “do people like what I’m posting?” or “Should I change my style or approach to fit in?” takes away from the joy of blogging. So, my internet friends I want to let to know that overthinking is a killer of joy. When I find myself overthinking, I breathe, take a moment to look at my surrounds and be in the moment.