Before you start reading this post, I recommend you watch my YouTube video (watch video below) about my trip to Miami. It has a lot more information on what I did, wore and ate during this trip. My family and I spent four days and three nights in Miami celebrating my mum's 50th birthday.

Where we stayed?
We stayed at the Hilton Cabana Miami Beach. I would recommend this hotel because it gives you the "luxury feel" of a high-end hotel. The price was still expensive but cheaper compared to their competitors. The hotel serves breakfast but you have to include that when you are booking your room for an additional cost. I loved the decor and the set up of the hotel. Although, it is very small with only 11 floors, which is small compared to its neighboring hotels (which have up to 50+ floors). My main problem with Hilton Cabana Miami Beach is they have only two elevators for over 100 guests. Getting the elevator was annoying. We had to wait for an average of 15-20 minutes for the elevator most times. The rooms are nice but would be better if they designed the area with more walking space (watch my Miami vlog for a room tour). Besides all of that, my main reason for loving this hotel is the amazing access to the beach. The Hilton Cabana has their own private section on the beach and it was amazing! 

What we did? 
We spent most of our time on the beach. We also went to Miami’s art district to visit the Wynwood Walls, which is a very huge tourist attraction. It is an area with a ton of graffiti and artwork everywhere you look. It is every blogger’s dream and instagram heaven. We also went shopping in Aventura Mall, which was nice but there are many beautiful malls in Miami. A quick google search and you will be good to go. We were going to do a water boat tour but we decided not to. We did one a few years back when we visited Miami for the first time. I recommend doing those because you get to see celebrity homes from the water and some of their houses are unbelievable and stunning.  

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