My Car Broke Down On The Highway

Outfit Details 
Denim Shirt - Thrifted | Tank Top - H&M | Short - Custom Made | Shoes - Adidas | Bag - Calvin Klein 

A lot has happened since I last wrote a blog post. My car broke down on the highway, twice. I finally booked my flight as well as my airbnb for Los Angeles, yay!  I have started finalizing the apartment/area I plan to live in. In-between all these events, there has been a lot more bad news than good. Although, I am staying positive. The amount of money the dealership is asking to fix my car is so RIDICULOUS I might as well just buy a new car. Through everything I am choosing to keep my cool. This whole “being an adult thing” is the worst. I want to be that 11 year old kid chilling in Malaysia on her way to basketball practice. I miss those days. 

On a happier note, I am getting ready for LA and I can’t wait! This will be my second time visiting but my brother’s first time. We are heading over there to see his girlfriend, Ashley. She has an internship there and is working as well as attending summer classes. It is going to be a very fun trip and of course I’m bringing you guys along. Make sure to follow my Instagram and YouTube to see what we get up to.