Cute Top Or Swimwear? Why Not Both?

Swimsuit - Dluxeshop

I love when one piece of clothing can be worn in multiple ways and that is what this swimsuit does. It can take you from grabbing brunch by the beach to diving into the water.  When it comes to swimwear I do not like very revealing clothing. I wouldn’t say I am the most modest dresser but I find so much beauty and class in modesty. So, I like to take that touch of modesty into my swimwear. I am obsessed with this bandeau swim top from dluxeshop. Maybe it is all in my head but I think the blue and white strips give a “slimming” effect. I haven’t been working out as much as before so I know I didn’t lose weight. So, I am going to give the credit of how I look in these photos to this bandeau top.

In collaboration with Dluxeshop