Is Atlanta The Next Los Angeles?

I would like to call myself an Atlanta native but that would be a lie. I was born in Houston, Texas and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. I have lived in Malaysia and Qatar. Although, I spent most my high school years in Georgia. Now, I am back after 4 years in college and currently working in Atlanta. I am in a creative field of work in a tech/IT space and I gravitate towards the arts. Now that I am living and working in the city, I have a better appreciation for Atlanta. I took her for granted when I was in high school.    

Here is why I think Atlanta is going to be the next Los Angeles. We all know that Atlanta sets trends and adds tremendously to pop culture. Numerous artists were discovered in Atlanta, movies like Black Panther were filmed in Atlanta. Galleries like WISH gallery and High Museum of Art are bringing curated and intriguing artwork and exhibits to the city by incredible artists from across the country and the world. I think a key part to Atlanta’s move towards being one of the biggest economic capitals in America is the shift towards the creative industry. This city is already known for being home to huge multibillion dollar companies such as Delta and Coca Cola. Now, I am seeing there is more value in the creative industry such has film production, art design, music, photography and fashion. As someone who is captivated by the creative industry, I can feel and see the shift happening. Simple elements like the increase of rent and property value. The popularity of events such as art exhibitions, poetry shows or concerts. I am not sure if I am noticing these changes because I am getting older therefore I am more aware or there truly is a change happening. 

I would like to say, “LA is overrated,” but that would be a lie. Los Angeles for the foreseeable future will always be a creative hub for the entertainment industry. Although, I am seeing a lot of LA’s success and work spilling over to Atlanta. It is cheaper to create content in Atlanta. Something as miscellaneous but crucial as renting a space to shoot a video is extremely cheaper compared to Los Angeles or New York. Besides the logistics of the city, the vibe of the city and her people spark creatively and innovation. As someone who recently graduated from college and started my first “real job” three months ago, Atlanta is the perfect city to get started. For the longest time, I was aiming to move to New York or Chicago. Now, I am understanding that the same opportunities are here in Atlanta and the cost of living is drastically cheaper. Atlanta’s growth is rapid and I’m excited to see her thrive.