Goodbye Summer.

Saying goodbye to pool days and ice cream sundaes. Who am I kidding? I am still going to get ice cream sundaes. I was born during the summer therefore I am a summer baby although my heart lies in autumn. I am in love with sweater weather. When it is socially expectable to wear  a denim skirt with a wooly jumper or shorts with a leather jacket. It is the perfect in-between weather. I sweat a little more than the average 23 year old woman. Is that TMI? So, the summer heat is not my friend when I am trying to look “cute”. During the summer, I end up wearing a baggy t shirt and running shorts (not the most “fashion blogger” aesthetic). My style suffers during the hotter months. Now, that we are stepping into Fall I could not be happier! To be honest… the temperature is not going to drop in Atlanta until Thanksgiving but I have time to plan my outfits and I am excited.

Long Cardigan - Amazon | Dress - Forever 21 | Bag - Thrifted | Slides - Target