You Don't Have to Book A Flight To Travel

Photoshoot Location - Café Intermezzo
Top - Forever 21 | Pants - Zaful 

Growing up, I associated airports and planes with going somewhere fun. I used to believe that you have to go miles away in order to explore and see the world. Now, I know this is false. I have visited and lived in many countries in my twenty three years of living. It just took the last few years to realize that I do not have to go far to learn new things and partake in amazing experiences. This year I have made it a goal to explore my area. I live in Atlanta and I realized I haven’t done a lot of the “stereotypical Georgia trips”. I need to pick peaches at peach farm, go hiking at Stone mountain or spend a whole day on Lake Lanier. I did get a chance to visit BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, which till this day was one of my favorite local trips. I am making is a habit to find new places near my city or in my state. Take a drive and look around. For the longest time, I thought spending a ton of money on a trip leads to having a good time. Although, I am learning that there are hidden gems in your area. I want to urge you to do the same and explore your area. Bring some great friends, a camera and create some long lasting memories. 

How do I find new places?

  • Do a quick google search for cultural exhibits, open mic nights, gardens, cafes or anything that peeks my interest
  • Check out the websites of the locations
    • Here you can find out how much money you need to spend or if the event/location is free
    • You can also find out important information like parking and their hours 
  • Go on Instagram and check out the explore page for that location
    • This is a smart way to see if other people enjoyed their time there
    • Also great to see how the area looks and if it is safe to visit