My Night Time Routine

I have been neglecting my blog and that is quite the understatement. Although, I have been working hard on my youtube. So why not combine my youtube content with my blog content? Ha! Problem solved. Today, I am sharing my night time routine. My weekdays are pretty chill. Twice a week, I go to the gym after work so I get home a little later. Once a week, I meet up with the Brown Girl Bloggers (BGB) team for our meetings. I will talk more about my “second job” in a different post. My “regular” is the Marketing Content Creator for a tech company and recently I joined the BGB Team. I can’t wait to bring you guys along for that journey. We already hosted an event here in Atlanta. Check out the video here (filming and editing by yours truly... moi). Our team is amazing and we will soon be moving into an office space thanks to our wonderful CEO. She has been working extremely hard to get everything up and running. 

Okay, back to the video. 

I get back from work and head straight to my room to change. I prefer lounge wear over pajamas. You will find me in athletic joggers or sweatpants rather than pajamas any day. Not sure why but I have always been this way. 

Then I show some love to my plant babies. I LOVE PLANTS. There is something about plants and flowers that bring me so much joy. I always tell my friends and family that if you are not sure what to get me as a gift. Get me flowers (and or plants)!

I cook or warm up some leftovers. When you watch the video, I mentioned I have not gone grocery shopping in 2+ weeks. So, my go-to quick meal is ramen noodles but I tried to make it a little more yummy by adding some shrimps. I also added some veggies and extra spices.

I FaceTime my mum and/or brother. Then I eat and snack while I watch TV. I am currently in desperate need of a new series to binge watch. If you have any suggestions please help your girl out. Right now, I watch a lot of youtube videos and stand up comedy specials.

This is my prime internet hour. I scroll through social media. I also edit videos and photos during this time. This is when I call friends and catch up. Most of my friends are in different cities and countries, so depending on the time difference I call them and catch up. 

I take off my make up and wash my face. Sometimes I do this earlier depending on if I already have dinner that doesn’t need to be prepared. I use Simple Skincare Cleansing Water to remove my make up. Then Neutrogena Rapid Clear Face Wash and finish off with Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum

I clean up. Put my dirty dishes away and wipe down the counter. Tidy up my living room then head to my bed room.

After watching a couple more youtube videos I finally go to bed.