For my ideal weekend I need three things. A comfy bed, my laptop and food. Once in while, I prefer to get out and relax in a place that does not involve pillows. Below are three places you can find me if I am not lazying away watching hours of Netflix. I am a big advocate for planning a day to do nothing. That statement is a bit contradicting but let me explain. I find myself making a lot of high energy plans that overtime, I have no time for lazy or relaxed days. Therefore, when I want to have a low-key weekend in the city I gravitate towards these three spots:

Atlanta Beltline:

Grab a bike or scooter and explore the beltline. Atlanta Beltline is a former railway corridor that connects various areas of the city. It is a long trail that is used for jogging, walks, biking and more. I mainly get a bird scooter and explore the beltline. Through out the beltline there are art installations as well as little coffee shops and restaurants. 

Info: beltline.org | @atlantabeltline

High Museum of Art:

I love art and even art I do not understand. I find myself looking at art and thinking two things, “this is cool but it looks like a 3-year-old did that” or “this can not be real… how did they do that?”. Atlanta’s High Museum of Art is one of my favorite places in the city and every couple of months there is a new exhibition. They also host various events such as a jazz nights or poetry jams.

Info: high.org | @highmuseumofart

Ponce City Market: 

If you are looking for a location that has it all and more, Ponce City Market is for you. Ponce City Market is home to one of my newest favorite donut shops, Five Daughters. There is so much to do here from food, shopping, rooftop mini golfing or a candle making workshop. Ponce City Market is a location with a collection of random shops that oddly seem to coexist well together. I also love how the building has a mixture of old and new in it’s architecture. It is a great place to access the beltline and take really cool photos.