My Job Is The Catalyst That Will Finance My Dreams

Outfit | Jacket - L.L.Bean (thrifted), Turtleneck - Amazon (here), Jeans - ASOS (here), Shoes - Target (here)

It is during those moments when you would rather sleep than work that can be the defining step to your success. I am not saying you should not sleep and always pull all-nighters. I am saying that when you are chasing your dreams the time you use for leisure will have to take a backseat. I am in a place in my life were my job is the catalyst that will finance my dreams. There is so much I want to do although I always feel there is not enough time. In reality, there is more than enough time but not enough time for work as well as play. One will always trump the other. 
In my situation, work has been trumping play and there are times it messes up the way I feel about happiness. It is an odd spot to be in because I am making the moves to achieve my goals but along the way I am spending less time with loved ones or I do not have a moment to let my brain rest. The key is finding a balance (which is easier said than done). I have been scheduling time out during each month so I have time for work, dreams, family, friends and myself. I have been known for double booking when making plans. It is unfortunate that I can not been in two places at the same time. So this year, I started writing all my plans and that is anything from when I get groceries to when I should film a video. I even section out a period during the month for “me time”. This might sound crazy because I am always with myself so “me time” might not make sense. My “me time” consists of doing things that bring me joy but does not involve too much brain power. A huge emphasis on “does not not involve too much brain power” because I enjoy the things I have to do for my blog and youtube although I am always mentally drained after editing a video or shooting photos.
That is why my “me time” consists of watching a lot of movies and shows, face masks, doing my nails or going for a massage.  I am one of those people that truly enjoys being by themselves. I like to be alone. There is a huge different between being alone and feeling lonely. I am a very social person and I love seeing my friends and family. I love going out and I am very adventurous. Although, I need moments when I don’t have to think or react to anything or anyone. I am still trying to figure the perfect work, life and chasing my dreams balance although it is a delicate system and some parts will always get more attention than others. Although, the key is to make sure every part gets some attention rather than none at all.