Switched Up On Y'all - Marveling Mind 4.0

Welcome to the new and improved, Marveling Mind! I have changed my blog layout over 10 times although this is my 4th blog template. I am extremely pleased with this design because it has a little bit of everything I loved in my previous templates. I got this template on Etsy from the seller, Theme Shine. I know most people are very secretive and hush hush about their website design but I believe sharing is caring. I know a little bit about website building and coding so I was able to install and customize my website although if you are not comfortable with coding then you can request the seller to install the template for you.  

Another fun change to Marveling Mind is the url or website link. Previously, it was marveling-mind.com now it is marvelingmind.com can you spot the difference… no? I got rid of the hyphen. I know, I know... that is not the most dramatic change. Although, I love how it looks. On the other hand, I am now paying for two website domains because I am still getting a lot of traffic from marveling-mind.com, which makes sense so I will just suck it up and pay for both. I can’t be mad because I put myself in this situation. 
On a positive note, I started an instagram for my photography, which is @marvelingmindstudios. I plan to create a page strictly for my photography on marvelingmind.com as well. If you are in the Atlanta area and in need of a photographer, hit me up! I specialize in fashion and lifestyle photography. I also love taking graduation photos, family portraits and professional headshots (so you can get your LinkedIn profile popping). I am also looking to work with other Atlanta based photographers, so feel free to send an email or slide in my DMs. It would be amazing to build a community and learn from fellow ATL creatives! 

I have a lot of fun and exciting projects in the works and I can not wait to share it with you wonderful people of the internet. I have been blogging (on and off) for over 6 years and I do not think I could ever stop. There might be the occasional break here and here but I truly love sharing and documenting my thoughts and experiences. I want to thank you, yes that’s right I am talking to you. If you have been reading for a while or this is the first post you have ever seen, thank you so much. And I hope to see you soon!