Being an adult is pretending to know what you are doing

Being an adult is pretending to know what you are doing until you know what you are doing. Some days, I feel like I am a kid that tricked all the grown ups into thinking I am one of them. There are moments when I am having a conversation at work and I know I am well-educated to know what I am talking about although I find it funny that people are taking me seriously. When I talk to my friends that are also in their early twenties, they feel this sense of “imposer syndrome”. We know we are qualified but moments of doubt crossing our minds. Then the other day it hit me! No one knows what they are doing until it is done. As a kid, I thought adults had everything figured out. That is not true. I am learning that being an adult is a lot of trial and error.
Some people might have the upper hand and there is nothing wrong with that. An example is applying for college. Some children are born into families where everyone went to college therefore they are told the do’s and don’ts. A lot of people join their family business or inherit money therefore their financial security is guaranteed. There are simple things like having parents that taught you how to pay for taxes, register to vote, change a tire, cook, do laundry and so many things we take for granted.
One of the reasons, I work very hard and push myself is to give my future kids the upper hand. I am naturally an ambitious person although a huge motivation for me to succeed is my family (future and present). I always think about the path my parents laid for my brother and I to make life easier to go through. I am immensely grateful. That’s why when I have moments of self doubt or feeling like I am a child pretending to be an adult, I remember everyone is in the same situation. The key is to keep going, ask questions and learn from your failures.

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