Why I Support Black Owned Hair Businesses

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For the longest time, ownership of Black hair was in control of others. From what is deemed socially acceptable in styling our hair to the products in which we use to style our hair. We did not own any of it. Recently, companies around the world are understanding the importance of the Black dollar. There is power in where we choose to spend our money. It is common knowledge within the black community that most of our hair products are made in Asian countries then sold by Asian owned beauty supply stores. Most of the products they sell they do not use but profit from our spending. 

Everything from braiding hair to the Afro pick has been mass produced by people that do not use those products or understand the significance and history behind those products. It is time we support black businesses for numerous reasons that can put an end to systemic oppression and racial inequality. My main reason for highlighting supporting black owned hair companies is due to the fact that the tools and concepts surrounding the upkeep of our hair was created by black people. It is very disheartening when those that invented a product or concept do not benefit and profit from it.