5 Tips Every Plant Owner Should Know


1. Gnat Removal Spray or Trap

Every plant mum and dad knows the struggle of pests trying to attack your babies. I have found the perfect solution to kill Gnats and prevent fungus. You need to try out, Neem Oil and Sticky Traps

2. Plant Tracker App 

I use the app, PictureThis to keep track of my plants and learn more information about them. I love this app and it is very easy to use. 

3. Rotate Plant

This is a simple thing to do but it is a game changer. My plants get their light from one source therefore not all leaves get light at the same time. That's why rotating your plants can really help.

4. Cut Dying & Drying Parts

This is another straightforward thing to do and it helps your plant to thrive. By removing the leaves that are rotting or decaying, it prevents other parts of the plant from getting infected.  

5. Don't Stress

This is the number one advice I have for you. Do not overthink the process of caring for you plants. Like most living things, plants die which can also make way for new growth. Do not stress yourself out trying to keep something alive when eventually it is meant to die. It's the circle of life! 

Watch video for detail: