3 Secrets That Will Make You Love Waking Up Bright And Early
Here’s the thing. I hate waking up early but I’m a morning person. I know. It doesn’t make sense. I love mornings because the sun is just rising
Boss In A Skirt
Cardi B inspired this post. Yes. You read that correctly. Cardi B. I draw inspiration from a lot of powerful women and

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Left - Odera (@derabear), Middle - Me (@marvelingmind), Right - Morayo (@withmorayo), Photography - Larnell Mays (@larnellm)

I have never been one to be sad during Valentine’s Day. I have never since the point of putting so much pressure on one single day to show your love to your partner. I love celebrating love and I love the original concept of Valentine’s Day although I think a lot of people put too much pressure (mainly financial pressure) on themselves leading up to February 14. Growing up, I always viewed Valentine’s Day as a day to intentionally vocalize your feelings to your loved ones. As I got older, I noticed we emphasis the love we have for our partners rather than everyone else that we love. I understand that our boyfriends or husbands are extremely important although on the day of love I want to make sure that everyone that I love knows how much they mean to me. 

Recently, I have been surrounded by incredible women that are very supportive and push me to be a better version of myself. Thanks to these women I am a lot more driven in my career, becoming a better communicator and trying things out of my comfort zone. I am very happy with the woman I am becoming and the women that are helping me become her. 

Happy (Early) Valentine’s Day and I hope you let those in your life know how much they mean to you!!!

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There has been a movement of changing the way we negatively impact our planet. A lot of people are consciously making decisions to reduce, reuse and recycle. Personally, I do not think we can completely reverse the harm we are have caused to the planet although I truly believe that our individual actions can collectedly make our planet better. One of my goals for the new year is to make more environmentally conscious fashion choices. I have always been into thrifting although I want to take it a step further and buy from brands that have sustainability has a driving force in their mission.My goal is to stop shopping from fast fashion brands although that will take time. 

When I found out that R. G. Kane is an environmentally-friendly brand and up-cycles clothing to create new pieces, I fell in love. Their pieces are also unisex meaning everyone can wear it! I love their unique designs and diversity in the latest collection. I styled these two pieces with a simple pair of black jeans and I love how it didn't take much to make these pieces look amazing. 

Do you plan to incorporate more environmentally friendly choices into your life? If so, what are they?

Gemini. I have never been one to believe in horoscopes or astrology but those who do would probably say, “that is a typical Gemini trait”. Gemini in latin means ‘the twins’, which also happens to be the symbol for this zodiac group. I have always been fascinated with duality or the idea of embodying more than one thing. We are taught to believe that we should fit in one group or one identity. This can be race, culture, nationality and so much more. The world is changing. You can be more than one race. Be from more than one culture. I find beauty in that. I am Nigerian American. In the past, I struggled with the feeling that I am not American enough or Nigerian enough. Then I realized I do not have to choose because I am both. I go into more detail with my cultural and national identity here & here, so I am not going to bore you with the details. 

My overall upbringing and life has put me in the situation where I can never be truly one thing and I love that. I was born June 6th therefore in astrology my birth sign is Gemini. This group is commonly associated with having a dual nature or more than one side to them. Some other traits are Geminis are adaptable, easy-going, outgoing, enthusiastic, social beings, intelligent, indecisive, impulsive, unreliable and nosy. Like most lists, I can find attributes that somewhat relate to me but according to this list, I wouldn’t consider myself a “true” Gemini. 

What is your sign and do to believe in astrology? 

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Bossy Pants… Boss in Pants. 

Either way I’m the boss.  

Today, I want to talk about being outspoken and the repercussions for that. Ever since, I was little I have been inquisitive. I like to know the reason behind people’s decisions or how things work. This got me in trouble a couple a lot of times, especially with my mum. Till this day, I do not like to follow blindly. I need to know why. Keeping this in mind it can be difficult for me to follow instructions when I am not told the reason or the big picture. Eventually, I think my mum understood with me, she needed to explain a little more or simply say, “because I said so”. Once those four words were uttered I knew the conversation was over. As I got older I realized that I had to be selective with my battles. 
Now, I am still (if not more) inquisitive and I can not settle for “thats just how things are”. Maybe that is why I studied journalism in college. I like to get to the bottom of things. When I see something handled incorrectly, I tend to take charge, mainly if it will affect my well-being or those I care about. That’s why I partly hated group projects in school or planning trips with big groups. Having this personality trait means in some situations I can be seen has a “bossy pants” but I do not always feel this is a bad thing. It is only bad when your help was not needed or the situation had nothing to do with you. 
I am an active member of the "mind-your-business committee" therefore I do not intervene in places or situations that do not concern me. I am only a bossy pants when I know if I do not speak up or take over then something horrible will happen. I would rather be seen as a bossy pants than a fool. It’s a bit harsh but it’s the truth. 

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This year has been a year of forming community. I have worked with and met so many incredible people in 2019. I wanted to share this shoot that took place a few weeks ago. The concept was by my friend, Odera. She came up with the location and styling. It was shot by the incredible Austin Martin. If you are in the Atlanta area and in need of a photographer definitely reach out to him. The creation of these photos was filled with so much laugher and joy. As I look back, I realize the power of collaboration and community. I am a firm believer that we are stronger together than apart. 

Models - Victoria, Odera, Biea, Feyi (me)
Photographer - Austin Martin