Privacy is what keeps the world sane. We need some boundaries. It is okay to share moments of joy and happiness to the public but that should be an option not an act forced on by society. The various social media sites make sharing daily life easier. 

With sites such as Facebook it has become normal to share one's doings to the public. Sharing thoughts and feels is only human. We are made to have feelings and to share, helps us. But to share too much can become troublesome and overwhelming. 

People think that to hide one’s thoughts or feelings is to pretend not to have those thoughts or feelings.

I disagree with this statement because we do not have to share are thoughts with others, it is a choice. When a person shares every passing thought in their head it can cause others to react negatively. Therefore we act collectively and reasonably therefore we do not "express every inclination and impulse" because without thinking, without acting can get a person in trouble and hurt others in the process.

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