Christmas Eve

I spent most of today doing some last minute Christmas shopping with my mum and brother. The truth is I hate shopping for others beside myself, which makes me sound like a terrible person. Although seeing how happy people are when they receive a gift makes me happy. Shopping in general gives me a headache thats why I prefer to shop online in the comfort of my bed. Right now I am watching Home Alone 2 with my brother and cousin while drinking some hot chocolate with mini marshmallows. If that doesn't say Christmas then I don't know what does. Although I'm still not feeling the full "Christmas Spirit" but I think once you pass a certain age things that used to easily excite you wear off. My little cousins that are four and three are very excited for Christmas and an example is how they laugh and giggle whenever we put on the christmas tree lights or play christmas music. Sometimes I wish I can go back to that age when the littlest things could make me happy.