My New York trip has unfortunately come to an end although I still have a lot of pictures to share. These pictures are from day two of our three day trip to the big apple. During day 2 we visited the Museum of Jewish Heritage. We used the subway to get there because it is located in  lower Manhattan which was not walking distance from our hotel. It was my first time using the subway in New York and in comparison to my experience in using the tube in London it is a little different in the sense that everything seemed dull.
The underground in London has more posters, signs and the tube itself is painted bright red whereas in New York is was a dull metal silver. When we got to the museum we were told not to take pictures which was disappointing because the displays were very beautiful and informative. There were televisions embedded into the walls that showed interviews of people of Jewish descent and some the interviewees went through the Holocaust and it was emotionally moving to hear and see their stories from their point of view and that is something no history book can give.

After the museum we had lunch at a small bagel shop and it got very crowded and busy with all 29 of us in there but we eventually got all our orders and ate. Once we were done eating we split up into different groups to explore New York in more detail. Some people went to Central Park while others the Grand Central Station. I went to the Brooklyn Bridge with four other friends. The view from the bridge is indescribable in the best possible way. After freezing our toes off we decided to go to Little Italy were we had some dessert and warmed off. We walked around Little Italy and some parts of China Town.

We took the subway back to Times Square and did a little shopping in H&M. By 6pm we were back in the hotel then on the move again to see an off broadway show called Avenue Q which was hilarious. The best way I can describe it is Sesame Street for adults. In the waiting area before the show we took pictures by the huge graffiti wall and I signed my name.

It was a long and tiring day, which lead to a long night's rest to prepare for day 3.

Oh! Check out my friend's blog her name is Hannah and she is an amazing writer. She also made a post about our trip to New York. 

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