What's In My Bag?

I'm off to LA tomorrow right after my last midterm exam! These are the things I will be bringing along with me in my carryon bag. I am frequently traveling because of college and other reasons so I have become somewhat of an expert in what to bring along during a flight. 

1. It's always nice to have a good long book or magazine to keep you entertained especially during those moments you are not allowed any electronics. I enjoy reading so this is a plus for me.

2. It's beneficial to have a notebook or a planner to write down important information or quick notes to remember while in the airport or on the plane.

3. My one true love, my laptop. As sad as it sounds I don't think I can function without my laptop. I try to bring it everywhere possible. 

4. Since I am traveling to the sunny city of LA, I think it is a good idea to bring a pair of sunglasses. I always have my regular reading glasses because I can't read some signs in the airport. The signs are too far away or the letters are very tiny.

5. I definitely need my phone to call when I have landed

6. My wallet with all that important stuff like money, credit cards, IDs etc

7. In the plane there are so many distractions so I wear my eye mask to sleep or just to cancel out the distractions while I listen to music.

8. A Snack! I always get hungry at the most random times so I try to keep a snack around

9. The Tide Instant Stain Remover Pen as saved me from some very awkward situations. I am a very clumsy person and I can also be a messy eater and the two are not a good combination. 

10. Hand sanitizer is always good to have around like when you can't get to the restroom to wash your hands before you eat or something like that.

11. My lips get chapped easily thats why I always have lips balm. (eos Lip Balm)

12. Finally you need a trusty bag to put all your items in and my parents got me the Michael Kors Tote this past Christmas and I am forever grateful for that.