Indiana University Guest Speaker: Sage Steele

My Thoughts
IU graduate, Sage Steele is one of the hosts for ESPN’s NBA Countdown. She spoke on March 24th at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater and she shared her story on her journey from Indiana University to ESPN. Apart from having a very demanding job that can consume most, if not all of her time she is also a mother of three.

I got to meet her the morning before her speech and she is very down to earth and surprisingly funny. I thought her speech was sincere and really shows it is possible to make it although it takes a lot of work and self-sacrifice. I thought it was brave of Steele to share how she struggled academically while in college. While talking about this she was emotional because it is a hard topic to talk about although I thought it was inspiring to know that it is not an easy ride to the top.

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