Photography By Me

The height of spring is finally upon us and for most that means spending more time outside and soaking in the warm rays of the sun. Although for the stress-filled and procrastinate-prone college student a.k.a me, It is not only spring time but freakout-and-panic-because-of-finals time.

I have not had the time to truly appreciate the gorgeous sky and cooling breeze until today. I decided to take a break from all the essay writing and exam prepping to go out for lunch with a friend. We got Chipotle and I have gained a new found love for Mexican food and Chipotle is where its at! After eating we got ice cream and walked around enjoying the weather. I can't remember the last time I walked around not in a rush to get to a meeting or class. It was nice to take a moment to enjoy the lovely weather while it still lasts. As we walked around I got some shots of a tiny fraction of the amazing flowers blooming around campus. Spring time makes me happy but the fact that finals are two weeks away makes me want to crawl into a hole and come out when its summer. I'm EXTREMELY ready for summer break. 

I hope you are enjoying the weather, where ever you may be!