A Quite Productive Day

I actually did a lot today and it all started by me waking up at a decent hour (not in the afternoon like I usually do during the summer  any holiday). I went to the gym with my brother and cousin and we had a great workout and I can tell cause my muscles are crying out to me in pain. After the gym I went to the pool and mostly read Americanah and listened to music, it was soothing. When we got back to the house I rested my aching muscles for a little while then we went to see X-Men: Days Of Future Past. It was mind blowing in the sense that it was amazing and confusing. I really enjoyed it and if you watch it I recommend you stay till after the credits are over before leaving because there is always a sneaky clip in most marvel movies that give you a hint about the next.  

Now I'm catching up on the may issue of vogue while sipping chai tea and writing down my plans for this summer involving future project for this blog, list of healthy foods I can eat and some other random bits. I should probably go to bed... oh well, good night x