Belle (2013)

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Belle is a story of a young mixed race girl and her life in the 1770's. She is the daughter of a Royal Navy Admiral although she was raised by her great-uncle and his wife. Her great-uncle at the time was the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales therefore she grew up in an aristocratic household. 

I recently watched the movie and the cinematic artistry is incredible and the story line is captivating and thrilling but what really drew me to this movie is the fact that Dido Elizabeth Belle was a real person and the whole movie is based on her life! A mixed race woman in an aristocratic family in the 1770's, that was unheard of and the fact that this is part of our history and this is the first I've heard about it, is mind boggling. Belle is played by the British actress, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Gugu truly brought Belle to life and her facial expressions and body language communicated a lot more to me than actual dialogue. In fact the whole cast is perfection. 

Besides it being a movie about history, it is also about a young girl coming of age and love. Who doesn't like a good love story? I really recommend watching this movie and trust me you will become as astonished as I was that this movie was actually someone else's reality.