My Everyday Make-Up

1. Foundation - truBLEND, One of the best qualities of this foundation is that the pigmentation is soft and not thick against the skin. I also like this foundation because when it is on the skin, it feels like nothing is there because it is very light. The only downside is the foundation is very weightless therefore it does not cover every dark spot, so you have to build unto it or buy a concealer before applying the foundation on the face.

2. Powder - truBLEND, Another one of my favorites from the Covergirl truBLEND collection. Similar to the foundation because it is weightless on the face although I wish there were darker pigments because the shade I am using looks natural although makes my face appear slightly lighter than my original skin tone.  

3. Blush, If you could not tell I am really liking Covergirl right now. It is currently my favorite drugstore makeup brand. When it comes to blush I don't really care a lot about the pigmentation because I don't wear it very often so I just pick any random blush from the Covergirl selection. 

4. Brushes, These are inexpressive brushes from Forever 21 that get the job done. The quality is decent and the hairs of the brushes are steady and don't shed off. I like them mainly because they're black and gold but the actual brush is great if you don't want to spend a lot of money on the professional cosmetic brushes. 

5. Pigments, These colour pigments are amazing! I use them mainly as eye shadow although they are very versatile. They are from the online brand Younique.

This mascara is the holy grail of all mascaras mainly because of the fibres that you apply and build on the eyelashes. There is a noticeable difference when you apply just the mascara then when you add the fibers it takes it to a whole new level.