Summer, My Love... It's Great To See You Again

My Photography

Yes, YES, YAAASSSSSS, I made it! I am done with freshmen year of college. I did it! One thing they don't tell you about college is that getting into college is tough but actually being in college is much MUCH harder. The work is not over once you get that acceptance letter, the work starts the day you unpack your first box into your college dorm.

I am writing this while waiting for my flight to board for Houston. I have a busy summer ahead of me and I have a list of accomplishments I plan to fulfill by the end of this summer.

They are:
  • Get my driver's license  
  • Start my "Where Are You From" video project
  • Get a summer job/internship 
  • Work out everyday
  • Stop drinking soda
There are many more things I plan to get done this summer. I am sure the list will keep growing but for now, the number one thing on my to-do list is to-do absolutely nothing!